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Audi/ VW 7-piece 12-point Socket Set 6300 XL-8 - 8mm 12-Pt Long Socket 3/8" Drive (90mm long) 6300 XL-10 - 10mm 12-Pt Long Socket 3/8" Drive (90mm long) 6300 XL-14 - 14mm 12-Pt Long Socket 1/2" Drive (140mm long) 6300 X-12 - 12mm 12-Pt...
SKU: 6300.AST
If you're doing any head work on your Audi/VW, chances are you're going to need one of these. Audi/VW uses a unique Polydrive bit for securing their heads to the block. We've seen some of the imitation tools out there and they don't quite compare to this...
SKU: 3462.AST
If you're replacing shocks and struts on your Audi/VW, chances are you'll need this spreader tool to get those pesky struts out. Used on numerous MkIV, MkV, and new B8 chassis, this tool is essential to make sure you don't damage your suspension.
SKU: 3424.AST

Make bleeding brakes a breeze.

SKU: 1820.MV

Bleed your brakes the easy way!

SKU: 0100.MV

High quality aluminum cap with swivel.

SKU: 0109.MV
Our toolkit makes removing ignition coilpacks a piece of cake. No more prying with screwdrivers, or burning your fingertips during roadside emergencies. Keep this handy toolkit in the car and those stubborn coilpacks will surrender!
SKU: 219874006.KA

Eleven different sizes!

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Stop Scratching Your Rear End and the rest of your chassis with our specially formulated soft plastic jack pads. PROTECH pads provide complete protection from the hard metal surface of your jack, preventing scratches, chips and dents forever when used...

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Safely lift from the pinch welds

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1 - 10 of 13 Item(s)
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High quality air freshener

Reduce engine movement with these heavy duty motor mounts.

B5, B6, B7, C5 - Adjustable upper control arm kit - Adds camber and caster adjustments
Increase tire to fender clearance!
Replacement BBS valve stem cap. Sold separately.
Valve stem caps are made from ABS in satin finish with the...
The new ABS Plastic valve stem caps are compatible with all...