Total Quartz Energy 9000 - 1Q

Total Quartz Energy 9000 - 1Q

Total Synthetic Motor Oil is one of the finest lubricants available for your vehicle and meets ALL current European Mfg specifications. Exalt uses Total in all of our vehicles, from daily drivers to race cars.

Synthetic technology lubricant is designed to be suitable for longer drain intervals and to provide exceptional resistance to oxidation, for both Gasoline and Diesel engines. Engine performance is optimized even when subjected to extreme usage conditions.

  • Exceptional protection of engine parts
  • Engine longevity and increased output
  • Longer drain intervals
  • Severe usage conditions

ACEA A3/B3 API SL/CF PEUGEOT CITROEN Gasoline and Diesel - PSA E04/D04 Niv 2 MB 229.1 VOLKSWAGEN 505.00 / Performance level 500.00

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