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VW Passat B6 (06-11) V6 3.6L FWD

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APR is pleased to present the Universal Electronic Boost Gauge! The APR Universal Electronic Boost Gauge is a stand-alone unit designed to work in conjunction with a 52.4mm gauge pod. Available in multiple color combinations, the gauge reads up to 30...

Needle Color

SKU: MS100080

DOT4 Compatible Brake Fluid - 500ml

SKU: 3364HL

75W90 GL4/GL5 Synthetic Gear Oil - 1L

SKU: 3178CZ

75W90 GL4/GL5 Semi-Synthetic Gear Oil - 1L

SKU: 31701L

DOT4 Race fluid - 500ml

SKU: 8068HL

Racing Brake Fluid 660 Factory Line

SKU: 847205
Product Description SPECIFIC 504 00-507 00 5W-30 Gasoline and Diesel oil for EURO IV engines 100% Synthetic Specifically designed for VAG Group recent cars (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat) fitted with EURO IV engines that require...
SKU: 838711.MOT
These valve stem adaptors are critical for those with the BBS RSII wheel. It allows you to inflate your tires through BBS's patented hidden valve stem. Pick up a couple extras as they're easily misplaced! Priced as a pair
SKU: 0915081.BBS
Replacement BBS valve stem cap. Sold separately.
SKU: 5615011.BBS

1000ml DOT4 fluid

SKU: B000700A3.PT
11 - 20 of 373 Item(s)
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High quality air freshener

Reduce engine movement with these heavy duty motor mounts.

B5, B6, B7, C5 - Adjustable upper control arm kit - Adds camber and caster adjustments
Increase tire to fender clearance!
Replacement BBS valve stem cap. Sold separately.
Valve stem caps are made from ABS in satin finish with the...
The new ABS Plastic valve stem caps are compatible with all...