Replacement BBS Center Caps

Replacement BBS Center Caps

Individual Genuine BBS Replacement Logo Center Caps. We offer a full line of replacement authentic BBS Logo Center Caps. Please review the details of the center caps carefully. Caps are priced individually.

Center caps are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

0924281CFS 56mm 53mm A CF/Silver
5624012 56mm 53mm A Blk/Gold
5624100RED 56mm 53mm A Red/Gold
0924257 56mm 53mm A Blk/Silver
10017110 56mm 53mm A Red/Silver
0924337 56mm 53mm A Grey/Red
Design Line
0924370 56mm 53mm A Grey/Silver
Design Line
0924668 56mm 53mm A Black/Red/Silver
0924101 56mm 53mm A Aluminum
0924101R 56mm 53mm A Aluminum Raw
5624164 56mm 53mm A Green/Gold
5624203 56mm 53mm A Blue/Gold
5624182 56mm 53mm A White/Gold
5624080 70mm 56mm B Blk/Gold
5624099 70mm 56mm B Red/Gold
5624206 70mm 56mm B Blue/Gold
0924486 70mm 64mm C Polished
10023603 70mm 64mm C Blk/Silver
10023604 70mm 64mm C CF/Silver
5624126 70mm 64mm C Red/Gold
5624120 70mm 64mm C Black/Gold

5624173 70mm 64mm C White/Gold

5624038 80mm 56mm B Black/Gold

Caps are priced individually.

BBS Caps fit ONLY genuine aftermarket BBS Wheels. They may not fit OEM, Replica,or other "Made by BBS" wheels. Please review the measurements and photographs carefully as center caps are NOT eligible for returns or exchanges.

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