Solid Shifter Cable Bracket

APR is pleased to present the Solid Shifter Cable Bracket.

Through countless years of processional racing, APR Motorsport identified the factory shifter cable bracket system as a source of sloppy shifts, missed gears, bracket and bushing failure and even transmission failure. The factory shifter cable bracket is made from plastic with rubber bushings. Over time the bushings wear out, and during long races, heat can cause the bracket to flex and break. To alleviate all issues related with the factory design and not just some, APR's Mechanical Engineers created the ultimate and final upgrade:The APR Solid Shifter Cable Bracket.

Key Points:

  • Addresses both issues with the OEM design
  • Cast 304 stainless steel eliminates flexible plastic OEM design
  • CNC-machined solid mounts eliminate rubber OEM bushings
  • Removes play, slop and the rubbery feeling of the OEM part
  • Will not flex, wear out and / or break under prolonged use
  • Lifetime warranty

The APR Solid Shifter Cable Bracket is made from cast 304 stainless steel and eliminates the rubber bushings with solid, CNC-machined mounting points. The bracket and bushings will not wear out over time or fatigue under heat and prolonged use, minimizing the potential for transmission damage. With the play and rubbery slop of the OEM component removed, it's easier to find gears. Expect the feedback from each shift to remain true and confident with a more direct and solid feeling.

Engines: Transverse 1.8T / 2.0T / TDI / 3.2L VR6

Transmissions: 6 Speed 02M/02Q MQ350

Our Price: $175.95

Audi A3 8P (06+) 2.0T FWD
Audi A3 8P (06+) 2.0T Quattro
Audi A3 8P (06+) 3.2L V6
Audi A3 8P (06+) Tdi
Audi A3 8V (14+) 1.8TSI
Audi A3 8V (14+) 2.0TSI
Audi TT Mk2 (07-14) 2.0T FWD
Audi TT Mk2 (07-14) 2.0T Quattro
Audi TT Mk2 (07-14) 3.2L Quattro
VW Beetle 1.8T (98-11)
VW Beetle 1.9L Tdi (98-11)
VW Beetle 2.0L (98-11)
VW Beetle 2.0T (12+)
VW Eos 2.0T
VW Golf / GTI / Rabbit MkV (06-09) 2.0T
VW Golf / GTI / Rabbit MkV (06-09) 2.5L
VW Golf / GTI / Rabbit MkVI (10-13) 2.0T
VW Golf / GTI / Rabbit MkVI (10-13) 2.5L
VW Golf / GTI / Rabbit MkVI (10-13) Tdi
VW Golf / GTI / Rabbit MkVII (15+) 1.8T
VW Golf / GTI / Rabbit MkVII (15+) 2.0L Tdi
VW Golf / GTI / Rabbit MkVII (15+) 2.0T
VW Jetta MkV (05-10) 2.0T
VW Jetta MkV (05-10) 2.5L
VW Jetta MkV (05-10) Tdi
VW Jetta MkVI (10-17) 1.8TSI
VW Jetta MkVI (10-17) 2.0T GLI
VW Jetta MkVI (10-17) 2.5L
VW Jetta MkVI (10-17) Tdi
VW Jetta Sportwagen MkV (08-09) 2.0L TDi
VW Jetta Sportwagen MkV (08-09) 2.0T FSI
VW Jetta Sportwagen MkV (08-09) 2.5L
VW Jetta Sportwagen MkVI (10+) 2.0L TDi
VW Jetta Sportwagen MkVI (10+) 2.5L
VW Passat B6 (06-11) 2.0T
VW R Models Golf R MKVII (15+)
VW R Models Golf R MkVI (12-13)
VW R Models R32 MkIV (2004)
VW R Models R32 MkV (2008)
VW Tiguan Gen 1 (09-18) 2.0T 4Motion
VW Tiguan Gen 1 (09-18) 2.0T FWD